Total e Solutions IBMi Programming & Consultancy Services, Flying High…

Our client, an aviation division of the world’s leading logistics company employ over half a million people globally and turnover more than 85 billion USD. Our client operates a fleet of dedicated cargo aircraft to transport packages and goods internationally.

They form part of a network, which includes ground transportation, and sorting facilities. Our Client operates major hubs and sorting facilities at strategic locations worldwide. These hubs serve as central points for sorting and transferring shipments between different flights, optimizing the efficiency of the global logistics network.

Furthermore, our client provides ‘customs clearance services’ for international shipments. Ensuring that transportation moves smoothly across borders, whilst complying with relevant customs regulations, playing a crucial role in meeting delivery commitments utilising its aviation & logistics infrastructure.

Our client wanted to enter a long-term working partnership with a well-respected IBMi consultancy company, as IBMi systems underpin their day-to-day business operations and activities.

Total e Solutions were selected, and our consultancy services were deployed to document, discover and familiarise their operation critical IBMi bespoke systems and ancillary software over an 18-month period.

Total e Solutions IBMi programming & consultancy services were further awarded a long-term engagement to augment their IBMi bespoke systems, IBMi day to day support and IBMi BAU requirements. Working day to day in collaboration with our clients in house IBMi service delivery team. Total e Solution look forward to working with our client as a longstanding IBMi service partner for years to come.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any IBMi requirements, including IBMi development, IBMi Consultancy or IBMi OS support.

Infor JBA System 21 Aurora Services by Total e Solutions
Total e Solutions. Working With System 21 Aurora Clients for Two Decades.