Dynamic generation of smart, thin and mobile user interfaces (UIs). Use newlook to rapidly webface and create new UI’s.

Multi-Channel GUIs

Multiple Audiences
Your internal ‘experts’ and knowledge workers have different needs to executive management and those occasional access customers.

Multiple Devices
Mobile devices will soon be the most popular web access device - you need to develop a compelling User Experience for multiple devices like smartphones, notebooks, workstations and tablets.

Multiple UIs
Why can’t your customers access your applications the way they want to? Could you improve user satisfaction if they could access your IBM back-end functionality in their preferred UI like Outlook, Google, Notes or SharePoint?

newlook’s multi-channel support means it’s easy to deliver the optimum UX to different audiences using different devices.

Composite Applications

Composed primarily of pre-existing functionality, composite applications deliver streamlined business processes, rapid ROI and a rich user experience. newlook supports a rich set of GUI controls, desktop integration, web services and direct database access to connect multiple applications from multiple platforms together easily.

Separate the presentation layer from the business layer

newlook UIs are suited to both non-invasive and invasive modernization. The closer you look, the more flexibility you will find. UIs can consume web services - at the client or at the server. UIs can connect directly to your choice of client or server-based logic including RPG (including full support for IBM’s open access for RPG), COBOL, C# and Java. They also provide easy connection to any popular database.

Smart Clients

Also known as rich clients, smart clients provide the richest function, built-in support for web services, desktop integration and the fastest performance demanded by those that spend much of their work day with your applications. Smart client GUIs are typically plugin-based and are preferred by information workers and medium to heavy transaction-based users who need premium functionality including ‘type ahead’ support.

RIA Clients

Rich Internet Applications (RIA) like Silverlight provide the reach of the web with rich functionality and aim to deliver the best of rich and thin GUIs.

Thin Clients

The popularity of zero deployment GUIs continues to grow with increased functionality making thin client an easy option for instant global access.


newlook reuses existing GUI designs and designs new forms optimized for the ever-changing mobile marketplace.

Improve productivity and manage UI complexityby leaving multi-channel UX generation to newlook   Building   Retail   Tools   Plumbing, Heating & HVAC   Health & Scientific   Electrical   Garden   Industrial Supplies   Food , Drink & Catering
  • GUI Designs
  • IT Support Dashboards

What are the benefits to your business?

Our solution equips you with "intelligence" to make better business decisions in real-time, frequently resulting in:

Sales Opportunities   Increased Productivity   Efficiency Gains   Improved Margins   Purchasing Savings   Better Stock Management   Enhanced Processes   Pricing Gains   Lower Aged Debt   Better Financial Reporting
  • Client Front End Dashboard

What does the solution offer?

  • Data Discovery

    Data Discovery

    • Uncover opportunities you had never even thought of, and slice and dice your data for deep insights, keep abreast of important information and spot trends.
    • Analyze regional or global sales, inventory, forecasts, prices, profit margins, budgets and more.
  • Dashboards


    • Visualise your data with beautifully informative dashboards.
    • Designed for non-technical users – so everybody can build visually stunning, powerful dashboards in minutes.
    • Consolidate information from all functional areas of your business such as sales, purchasing, finance, onto the one dashboard.
    • Use charts, gauges, grids and ‘widgets’ to create high-level KPI dashboards through to detailed customer scorecards and everything in between.
    • Interactivity means users can select and filter on dashboard elements and link to other dashboards, for 360 degree insights.
    • Dashboards are just the start, with the ability to drill directly from your dashboard to the underlying data, facilitating further in-depth analysis.
  • Collaboration


    • Save and share your analyzes with colleagues and teams.
    • Insights delivered to your inbox. Subscribe for regular updates.
    • Discover something? Email a snapshot of your discovery to others.
    • Make decisions and set tasks immediately – right from your analysis.
  • Mobile


    • Fully featured mobile capabilities means desktop-like functionality on your tablet or smartphone.
    • Compatible with all browsers with HTML5 support
    • Phone browser detection for ease of use on a small screen phone or device.
  • Geospatial Analysis

    Geospatial Analysis

    • Map your data for instant geospatial analysis
    • Pinpoint individual customers or analyze regional data.
    • Can be used with OpenStreetMap or Google API.
  • Alerts


    • Set alerts that notify you automatically when performance falls outside pre-defined criteria.
    • Alerts use ‘traffic lights’ for instant visual cues: green, amber and red.
    • Alerts reside on your home screen, placing them in your line of sight


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