Making Tax Digital (MTD) Module - Infor Aurora System 21

Making Tax Digital (MTD) is HMRC’s switch from online filing of HMRC’s fiscal reporting to a direct interface from your Accounting system to the HMRC portal. This spells the end to any manually entered keyed in data.
It is mandatory for all UK TAX registered businesses to report their TAX obligations to HMRC by the way of Making Tax Digital by April 2019.

The MTD TAX interface needs to conform to HMRC’s approved XML Schema using OAuth2, rest based API and JSON.
Infor System 21 Aurora user sites need to act now to ensure that they meet the HMRC deadline of April 2019.
Here at Total-e-Solutions we have created an Infor System 21 Aurora MTD module that will allow you to send your TAX returns to HMRC via an approved HMRC Gateway.

Our MTD module for Infor System 21 Aurora users integrates directly with your General Ledger transaction file (FLP008) and your TAX transaction file FLPUK4. It has the functionality to extract from multiple companies, multiple environments and from alternative ERP’s.

The Total-e-Solutions Infor System 21 Aurora MTD module integrates to HMRC's using their approved XML Schema and Business Rules.

We have done all the hard work, so you don’t have to. Moreover, our MTD module is free, subject to terms and conditions. Furthermore, our MTD module and HMRC Gateway for System 21 Aurora users has been designed for future inclusion of the next wave of MTD integration namely Corporation Tax 2019 then PAYE submission 2020.

Our MTD module includes the following…

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MTD for Infor Aurora System 21 - HMRC pre-requisite maintenance features

Define EC Countries

This maintenance option is required to flag EC member states, so EC purchase, and acquisition goods can be reported in your MTD TAX return (TAX100 & TAX101).

Please note: Country codes are refreshed from the GL parameters file GLPARMS held within Infor’s System 21 Aurora General ledger database.


Defined IFS Directories

This maintenance option is used to create and maintain IFS directory paths for HMRC file transmission, the TAX reconciliation download extract and to import TAX returns from alternative ERP accounting systems.


MTD for Infor Aurora System 21 - TAX Company Maintenance Features

This feature is required to enrol TAX registered System 21 Aurora companies, their corresponding iSeries libraries and file locations to the MTD module.


Please note: the period flag set to G will use the GL period to extract your TAX returns, conversely the period flag set to V will use the TAX period defined within the Infor System 21 Aurora TAX calendar file.

Additional information such as the trader’s email address used for the HMRC MTD TAX transmission are also maintained within this function.


Microsoft Excel extraction for TAX reconciliation.

Enter the from and to periods for your TAX return.

Upon submission your TAX transactions will be extracted to Microsoft excel for reconciliation.

TAX MTD transactions will be extracted from your Infor System 21 Aurora GL transaction file FLP008 or your TAX transaction File FLPUK4, dependent upon your accounting practices.

Please note: If inaccuracies are identified in your reconciliation extract standard Aurora functions such as General Journals can be utilized for TAX corrections and this function can then be re-run.


Import from alternative ERP’s such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle

This function uplifts a pre-defined excel or CSV template TAX reruns to the MTD database. This is required if corporate subsidiaries are held in alternative ERP accounting packages.

Please note: Data from other accounting packages such as MAN, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, Infor M3 etc will be automatically consolidated by TAX number and either added or amended to the MTD TAX return you are reporting.


TAX Consolidation and Submission direct from Infor System 21 Aurora

This facility is used to submit TAX returns to the HMRC gateway. Please note TAX returns, including those uploaded from alternative ERP accounting packages will be consolidated and summarized by each TAX entity.

TAX returns can be enquired upon prior to submission to the HMRC MTD Gateway.


HMRC MTD Gateway Submission

Our HMRC Gateway is a government approved direct interface to HMRC. Upload, validation, exception reporting and successful integration is interactively displayed via the cloud-based GUI. Once submitted from Aurora you will be prompted by the following screens to import your TAX return to HMRC…


HMRC MTD TAX Digital Certificate

Upon successful Integration your MTD TAX digital certificate will be produced for your records and future TAX audit requirements.
Example below…




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For more information please complete the enquiry form here or contact us on +001 646 722 4374