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Total-e-Solutions Overview

Total-e-Solutions are a dedicated IBM iSeries development & ERP management consultancy. Established in 2003 we employ expert IBM iSeries software developers (RPG *all languages), OS400 level 1 and 2 support staff, third-party product, DB2 Integration experts and inhouse developers for our product suites.

We are headquartered in Mirfield UK and have international premises at our development centres in Lisbon and New York.

Professional, experienced and trusted by our customers, Total-e-Solutions boasts an abundance of IBM iSeries resource with a multitude of multi-skilled, multi-talented highly attuned technical consultants. Total-e-Solutions has established itself from all competition as the supplier of choice within the IBMi development marketplace. With a reputation for excellence, expressed throughout our international client base.

Our USP (unique selling point) is that unlike employing a short to long term i-Series developer, all of our developments and implementations are fully documented and optionally supported via our helpdesk support development team based in the UK, Mirfield, West Yorkshire. This ensures we retain not only the development knowledge but the familiarity with the business process and personnel. This business continuity is delivered via our helpdesk development team.

Total-e-Solutions Our Unique Selling Point

Total-e-Solutions prides itself on its ability to deliver cutting edge IBMi development services. Moreover, what differentiates us from the crowd is that any IBMi development that we are outsourced to provide is supported, indefinitely, via our helpdesk teams. This ensures continuity to the end client and familiarisation of personnel. Many of our clients have migrated away from the use of contractors for this reason alone. Ongoing support of our IBMi developments and the ability to implement future enhancements of them has proved an invaluable business model for our clients. In addition, our USP also safeguards the client from HMRC’s planned re-evaluation of IR35 and eliminates any liability of Employer NI and taxation on contractors.

Total-e-Solutions Enhanced Support – IBM iSeries

Total-e-Solutions appreciates that even the best BAU (business as usual) support teams in the world require some form of augmentation from time to time. In addition, we have identified gaps within incumbent support supplier’s abilities to support ‘around’ your ERP, or a customised version of it. Our Enhanced support agreement(s) were created to fill those business-critical gaps. Our augmentation of your existing support staff could be as simplistic as an outsourced BAU support insurance policy, through to an onsite presence or a permanent overflow helpdesk team. Whatever your requirement, our flexibility and our core focus on unparalleled customer service excellence guarantees we will empower your support staff, whichever way you decide.

Total-e-Solutions - IBMi Development Support Scope

Total-e-Solutions – IBMi Support Methodology

Reactive and Proactive Support

Our reputation for customer service excellence is founded upon our people and long-standing relationships with our clients. However, our helpdesk teams do not simply react to incident. We have custom built software programs that proactively report and resolve incidents to our helpdesk teams, so we are alerted to and able to resolve incidents, prior to the business or user’s identification. Our proactive software monitors can alert the business and our helpdesk system to numerous business process failures, such as, EDI failure inbound or outbound, ERP subsystem P1 failures, IBM operating system messages that will impact BAU support, Financial discrepancies that will impact business continuity.

Knowledge Sharing

We actively knowledge share with ‘key’ client users in the identification and resolution of incident logs. Moreover, we demonstrate the source of the incident by helping the user understand where and why the incident emanated from. We find this principle beneficial to the client and our helpdesk teams as it educates and empowers key users and untimely reduces the number of incident logs. This knowledge sharing is communicated through our in-depth ticket resolution responses, via remote screen shares and system walkthroughs and granting users access to their knowledge base within our helpdesk portal.


We find familiarity breeds opportunity. Our helpdesk teams can be engaged to analyse your IBMi systems and business processes which enables them to educate the user in best practices, to prevent potential pitfalls and avoidable incident logs. Our helpdesk consultants can also be engaged to educate users to improve business processes, and technology improvements.

Ownership & Dedication

It goes without saying a helpdesk team is tasked to record and resolve incidents. Our helpdesk teams differentiate themselves through their dedication and ownership of incident management. We do not ‘clock off’ on any incident that causes operational issues to the business. We are proud of this reputation for ownership and dedication.


We believe communication is key in any support service. To this end each enhanced support client is designated an account manager. Our account manager will distribute incident records and their resolutions. All enhanced support clients can review call metrics, KPI’s and performance metrics with their dedicated account manager on a monthly basis.


We have a minimum entry requirement of 5 pre-invoiced days if a client would like to engage our enhanced support services via pay as you go. Other than this pre-requisite we tailor our contracts to suit our client’s preferences and we will endeavour to tailor them on a client requisite basis.

Total e Solutions United Kingdom: Mirfield, Yorkshire.

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Total e Solutions Americas: New York, USA.

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Our Technologies

All our consultants are multi skilled in development languages and have a proven track record of delivering business critical corporate software solutions on time and on budget. Add to this an exceptional knowledge of all ERP modules and exposure to most industry sectors and you can be assured of an expert implementation at the highest standards of I.T technologies.

Our development skill sets include, but are not limited to the following:

Query400   RPG400   CL400   RPGILE   CLLE   VB.Net   ASP.Net   C++   SQL   PHP     Lotus Notes

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